The Company

In Ingralub we are dedicated to the design and production of all kinds of oils and greases, having an extensive market experience. We offer a modern and wide range of products, covering different sectors. We are committed to deliver the best quality of products and services, and to support our clients since the first day of our.


To provide our customers with the best quality lubricants and exceed their expectations in terms of quality, technology, delivery, service and price through continuous improvements in our production processes and our distribution channels.


In a fast moving technology era, where there is a big need to maintain and preserve the most modern machinery, we aim to develop lubricants that can become a point of reference in national and international markets. We dedicate our resources, our knowledge and expertise in order to develop products that satisfy the most exigent markets.


We have prestigious partners in automotive and industrial sectors that keep us constantly informed about the latest technology, developing together new products suitable to the most modern equipment.

Technical Team

Thanks to the high expertise of our employees in different areas, we have a high degree of technical autonomy, and we are prepared to respond and resolve the most demanding and complex challenges. In our team we have members with more than 20 years of experience and knowledge, able to give immediately response to any request.


The processes of formulation, manufacture, and final quality control have been developed in order to provide maximum quality to all of our products, available for consumers at a fair price. It is a daily work, only possible thanks to the equipment, cutting-edge technology and methods applied, as well as specialized staff and a strict internal quality control system.