The Laboratory

Our laboratory analysis allows us to get an efficient and immediate quality control of the lubricants that we produce or analyzed.

The accuracy of the methods applied, in conjunction with the experience of our laboratory staff full compliance of our entire range of products to the highest European standards. Ingralub quality department makes a dynamic control not only on the final products but also at all stages of the manufacturing process, following a specific methodology of quality control.

1º Selection - Careful and studied selection of raw materials;

2º Source - Purchase of raw materials from renowned suppliers;

3º Development - Specific formulations, widely tested and proven;

4º Standardization - Presentation of all products according to the same standards;

5º Security- Establishment of rigorous safety standards that guarantee when applied, a manipulation without risk of our entire range of products;

6º Verification - Constant analysis of the products performance and degree of consumer satisfaction;

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