Marca Própria / Private Label

We believe in win-win partnerships, and we aim to build long-lasting relationships with our clients. For this reason, INGRALUB has put in place platform to give its clients the possibility of creating their own lubricants brand. This is a unique opportunity of differentiating in a highly competitive market; a chance of exploring new markets, diving into new segments and offering new product lines, thereby maximizing business profitability, brand credibility and awareness.

INGRALUB, LDA produces in Portugal and offers:

- A wide range of lubricating oils and greases for automotive and industrial purposes, all of which meet ACEA and API specifications and the recommendations of automobile manufacturers (OEMs).

- A cost-competitive and high production and packaging flexibility, unrestricted minimum quantities at short lead times.

- Full value chain integration service: configuration of the optimal product mix, redefinition of the corporate strategy and branding, marketing and promotion, production and distribution, stock management and after-sales technical support.

INGRALUB is the ideal partner for all companies and buying groups looking to grow and to add value to their business by integrating to their portfolios the best quality of the packaged products with their our brand.